Data Capturer Jobs – Apply For BroadReach Healthcare Vacancies


Applying for the most recent BroadReach Vacancies is now open to job searchers who want to work for a business with a collaborative and respectful culture where employees have the chance to change the lives of others. It is a healthcare-focused business that provides top-tier technological solutions to assist companies in giving patients better care.

Key Accountabilities

  • Ensure that Lost to Follow Up patients brought back to care are updated on TIER.Net
  • Ensure daily data capture from patient records (including lab results) intoTIER.Net within agreed timeframes with high standard of accuracy
  • Registration and updating of Clubs on TIER.Net
  • Collect and collate tally sheets
  • Daily retrieving of patients’ files, daily collection of patients’ raw data from all relevant facility’s registers
  • Back and Live capturing for HCT, Pre Art and TB on TIER.Net
  • Receive data from PHC staff
  • Follow up on outstanding data and verify data
  • Submit monthly Summary report
  • Print daily appointment lists
  • Print weekly Missed appointment reports for tracing
  • Print weekly VL Due Reports
  • Print monthly report
  • Print quarterly report
  • Submit weekly HCT statistics
  • Daily submission of TIER.Net Dispatches to Team Leads
  • Respond to all information request in consultation with Operational Manager
  • Ensuring Data quality and integrity
  • Liaise with the resident Data Capture clerk, Professional Nurses and the Facility Manager on TB and HIV program data management issues
  • Support the Facility Manager to compile the monthly and quarterly data
  • Collect and collate data relevant to the and HIV program’s goals, working closely with the Data Coordinators
  • Data cleaning, editing and maintenance of database at the facility on newly diagnosed TB and HIV patients
  • Escalate issues to Data Quality and Use Officer/ Community Linkage Officer/Data Management Officer as needed
  • Submit weekly reports to TL on activities
  • Visual eyeballing
  • Identifying outliers on indicators from pivot tables
  • Identify, resolve or query missing data and errors observed during data entry, electronic checks or manual reviews
  • Verification of TB and HIV program data for consistency, completeness and accuracy and submit statistical reports when required
  • Attend MDT (multi-disciplinary team) meeting
  • Data dictionary and indicator definitions available and  in-service training to staff
  • Present data to clinic information committee
  • Update and maintain Facility Data Management File i.e. Monthly & Quarterly reports, SOPs and Guidelines
  • Regular backups in accordance to policies
  • Ensure all Information management is updated as per policies stipulated
  • Verify report submission data as per stipulated timelines
  • Report on the existing outliers.
  • Ensure clear and concise reporting
  • Ensure data on reports is accurate
  • Ensure escalations are done timeously to meet the required targets and deadlines
  • Ensure patient records daily data is updated as per the stats targets set.
  • Ensure collection of data is accurate with minimal errors.
  • Ensure all back logs are managed as per the set targets
  • Ensuring correct and accurate information are captured.
  • Ensure filing system is systematic and easily and readily available for Office use and retrieval of data.
  • Tracking and Tracing of all patients lists provided to the Call Centre and securing appointments


Essential qualifications  

  • Standard 10 (Grade 12) / N3 or equivalent

Desirable qualifications  

  • N/A

Experience & skills

  • 1 year relevant experience

Personal qualities & Behavioural competencies

  • Ability to connect the dots, make linkages and collaboratively work across the organization to optimize the client experience
  • Be solution focused
  • Has a customer centric mindset
  • Able to connect with clients at different levels
  • Maintain confidentiality


Winning, Enabling and Delivery of Projects

  • Opportunity Development, Capture Management, Proposal Development, Organized, Disciplined, Analytical

People Leadership/Self Leadership

  • Selections, Development, Delegation, Example, Self-Confidence, Independently responsible, Curiosity, Change Management

Strategic and Holistic Decision Making

  • Governance and legal awareness, Financial acumen, Risk management, Strategic perspective

Relationship Management

  • Institutional Representations, Taking the long view, Building common ground, Mutual respect, Responsiveness, Standing for the other, Engagement

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